The Dartford Beekeepers

Dartford Branch of the Kent Beekeepersí Association


JUNE 2017


††††††† We are into the Swarm season with an ever changing weather situation the bees are preparing then holding and then taking the first opportunity so be prepared for the unexpected.


††††††† May did not disappoint as the calls about swarms of bees came thick and fast from swarms that had moved in to ones that had moved on with the usual bumble bees and a few solitary bees thrown in for good measure.†


††††††† Those of you who have completed the course that William did through the winter and have a hive and necessary equipment in place we have half a dozen swarms in nucs ready to be re homed, just give us a call and will arrange to bring them round.


††††††† June and July is a good time for groups to visit the Apiary as it is possibly the best weather to get into a hive we have 2 scout groups and a troop of brownies booked in this month as well as a visit from Kent Wildlife Trustís WAG Team.

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