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JULY 2017


           We are hopefully through the worst of the swarm calls now and there are a few nucs available in the apiary for those who have taken the course last winter and are now fully kitted out with hive tool, smoker and suit as well as a fully assembled hive and frames just get in touch and will allocate one to you.


           The extremes of weather experienced in June played havoc with the swarming and in particular the  mating of the virgin queens and a few hives seemed to become queenless while one box of bees i collected turned out to have laying workers when I went to install them into a new beekeepers hive, turned into an impromptu lesson on how to deal with laying workers and then one on uniting two colonies


           The Apiary has been busy with visits from Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and even 20 Brownies who came on the only evening it rained all evening and through the night but with the aid of the bees in the display hive and three frames of capped honey previously removed from the WBC they went away happy having uncapped the frames and extracted a few jars of honey which they took away with them for an upcoming picnic.  We have two lots of cubs coming this month to round the season off.


           As William mentioned in his chat ensure that you have room in your supers for the bees to store the nectar as the “main flow” is now due and dig out your extracting equipment ready for the harvest season.


           This month’s meeting is on Sunday 9th from 3pm which is our summer tea party (cakes etc.) and quiz all with fun in mind, we are also expecting a social visit from some members of the Medway BKA so come along and lets put on a good show and make them welcome.

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