The Dartford Beekeepers

Dartford Branch of the Kent Beekeepersí Association


April 2017


†††††††††† April is here and so starts the weekly inspections and the stand by to rush out to collect swarms that descend on the unsuspecting public.


†††††††††† May is the main month for the expected swarm calls.† Therefore the job for this month is to get all the equipment ready such as a nuc box, smoker, sheet to place the nuc on, bee brush, block of wood, secateurs, sponge, duct tape and ratchet straps.†


†††††††††† Donít spend all your time preparing to collect swarms and loose sight of your own hives as if you fail to check every week then someone else will be collecting your bees from a neighbours tree and you will loose out. Check every week for queen cells and that the Queen has sufficient room to lay, check that there is room for all the bees and room for them to put stores by adding supers.


†††††††††† Bob Smith came and talked to us about preventing swarms and will be returning in May whilst this month we will be spring cleaning the hives to help the bees remain healthy.† The kids will be having an Easter Egg Hunt on the Easter Sunday and then 2 weeks later the kids will be carrying out the hive inspections.†


†††††††††† The Apiary is a wash with spring colour and hope that you will all get down to an event and see the place at itís best.

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