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         You should have by now taken the supers off the hives and extracted the capped honey (hopefully filled a jar for the honey show on the 9th) and allowed the bees to clean the frames out before storing them for the winter.


         If your bees need to be fed syrup to ensure that they have enough stores to see them through the winter, first we have a large quantity of sugar for this purpose  at the apiary and secondly do not feed them while the supers are still on the hive.


         If you have a super that is quite full but uncapped and you decide to leave it on for the bees to use during the winter please ensure that you remove the queen excluder as if you do not then when the bees move up into the super to feed mid winter the queen is stranded in the brood chamber and freezes to death and subsequently the colony dies out.


         If you intend to use products such as Apistan to treat for Varroa these have to be on the hive for a length of time whilst the bees are still active in other words while the weather is still warm, they also need to be administered after the supers have been removed as they will contaminate any honey crop rendering it unusable.


         This month’s meeting is on the 9th from 3pm when we will be holding our own Honey Show.  This might well be our first Annual Honey Show.  A good trial for the National .

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